Executive training

Communication Skills &
Public Speaking

World corporate recruiters consider communication skills the most important asset for candidates applying to top positions.

Internet and social media expose politicians and C-level executives to the constant scrutiny of public opinion. Furthermore, the proliferation and continuous improvement of video conferencing technology and internet tools, encourage the use of on camera communication more and more. Communication Skills today is key!

Working with Lola on Communication Skills/Presentation Skills, you will:


  • Work on presentation structure, content and delivery
  • Build confidence as well as technique
  • Practice and refine your technique in front of a camera
  • Receive ample and constructive feedback
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The program

  • Identify the elements of a good presentation
  • Set goals for the development of public speaking skills
  • Select and design effective visuals and visual aids
  • Effective use of voice, body and language
  • Practice articulation methods
  • Structure your message
  • How to deal with difficult audiences
  • Conquer fear of public speaking and negative stress
  • Impromptu speech making
    How to look good on camera

Instructional Method

  • Highly interactive
  • Role Play
  • Recording of exercises/presentations and playback for review
  • Simulated media interview sessions
  • Feedback

Who should attend

  • C-Level Executives
  • Top Managers

Program size

  • One-on-one
  • Small groups