Executive training

Media Training

Exposing yourself to the media requires strong knowledge, training and a thorough understanding of what journalists want.

In this seminar you will learn insights and strategies necessary to manage image and enhance reputation. You will implement tricks of the trade to present yourself well on camera and be a pro at answering tough questions. By using adequate sound bites, powerful key messages and controlling your on camera language, you will achieve greater influence in your message.

Learning how to talk to reporters is like learning a new language.

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The program

  • Discern what journalists think and what they really want from you
  • Learn to look your best on camera
  • Create memorable key messages
  • Deliver powerful sound bites
  • Learn how to deal with tough questions
  • “Bridge” like a pro
    Nonstop “on camera” practice

Instructional Method

  • Highly interactive
  • Role Play
  • Recording of exercises/presentations and playback for review
  • Simulated media interview sessions
  • Feedback

Who should attend

  • C-Level Executives
  • Top Managers

Program size

  • One-on-one
  • Small groups